Inspire, Encourage, Equip

“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD”. – Jeremiah 30:17

Brittany Wilson, RD, LN

Brittany Wilson is a Registered Dietitian who helps Christians who struggle with negative emotions related to the food they eat and negtaive body image to learn to love their bodies, be stress free when eating, and to honor God with their bodies by helping them learn their identity in Christ so that you can be better used by God in your life. 

Brittany is the founder of Revelation Nutrition and Revelation Moves. Her program, The Creator’s Vessel Nutrition Program uses biblical principals to lead others to Christ and out of the emotional bondage to food and poor body image. 
Brittany is using the tools that God taught her personally in her own life and using them to help others go from being stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed about food and unsatified with their body to eating foods that make you feel good, honor God, and fuel your body like you need. She also uses biblical tools that lead clients to changing their mindset about themselves and food. 
So if you are wanting to:
  • have a deep understanding of your identity in Christ
  • better serve others and God
  • be free from guilt, shame, fear, insecurities, anxiety and stress around food and when you see yourself in the mirror
  • and know how to eat in ways that are good for your body but include all foods
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Our Mission

Revelation Nutrition’s mission is to share Jesus with others and to inspireencourage, and equip individuals during all walks of life with breakthrough nutrition therapy, education, counseling, and coaching that leads individuals to have greater self-worth, respect for their body, and a change of heart to choose a healthier lifestyle where healthy foods and activity are enjoyed and desired.

Our Values

Revelation Nutrition’s core is centered on the Word of God and believes in the divine Trinity of God, theHoly Spirit, and Jesus, the Son of God, all which are One. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” in the image of God, and He does not want us to live in bondage to the lies that we are “too big”, “too small”, “not good enough”, or that we depend on food to comfort us, leading to disordered eating. Disordered eating can include binge eating, withholding oneself from food, mindless eating, a lack of desire to care for our health, consuming an unbalanced diet, and an unhealthy dependence or relationship towards food verses the nourishment and blessing that God intended it to be.

Food was intended for us to enjoy in a healthy way, where we can consume appropriate portions, eat a balanced diet, savor and enjoy the variety of flavors, and be able to say “yes” and “no” to foods without guilt, knowing that we did our best to honor God with our bodies.
We believe that true healing comes from within first and the physical follows. Although this is what we believe, Revelation Nutrition does not believe in and will not discriminate against any person, race, religion, or sex. All people are valued as clients and will be treated with the same love and respect. Our goal is to reach people where they are and lead them to a healthy lifestyle: mind, body, and soul.

Why schedule an appointment with Brittany Wilson, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

  • Brittany truly cares. You are not just a body, but a living human created in the image of God, a masterpiece. She cares to share in your successes and walk along side you in your struggles, encouraging you the entire way and wants to see true transformation of your heart and mind so that you can live a healthier life spiritually, mentally and physically. You are not defined by the numbers on a label or on the scale! 
  • Seeing a dietitian can help you improve your quality of life and save you money over time by improving your health now and preventing the onset of disease. Treatment of disease is often more expensive and time consuming than prevention. If you already have nutrition related diseases, improving symptoms with nutrition can also improve your quality of life. God gave us one body, let us take care of it and honor Him in it! 
  • As a Licensed and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, clients can trust that the information that is provided to them is from a professional that has a formal nutrition education background.

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