Client Testimonials

"Brittany is amazing! She is very knowledgeable and willing to do further research to make sure she is not leaving anything out. The two primary reasons I reached out for help was to lose the weight I couldn't seem to shake with just exercise, and for the headaches I was getting when I was eating healthy. Brittany's focus is always on overall health and wellbeing. She helped me to understand food and water portions for my lifestyle and activity levels, how to time snacks and meals throughout my day, how to balance my macro nutrients, and how to pair foods to increase fullness and energy. While, the education was fantastic and set me up for success long term, one of my biggest take aways was the mental shift she helped me to achieve regarding my weight. Our sessions were like a therapy I didn't know I needed. I felt so empowered and body positive after we would talk and I remind myself of this whenever I begin to fall off track."
Kayleigh B.
"I’d like to recommend Brittany Wilson, RD, LN, and Revelation Nutrition to others seeking nutritional counseling. Brittany doesn’t only provide excellent and caring nutritional counseling, but also does so with faith as a basis for one’s well-being. I felt cared about and nurtured by Brittany and received advice, both nutritional and faith-based, that was practical to use."
Becky S.

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