What It’s Like to Eat in Freedom

You are sitting in a room full of people. Some you know, and some you don’t. It is your friend’s 30th birthday. The room is decorated beautifully with streamers, colored table cloths, and large helium birthday balloons. As you’re sitting there observing the room full of people laughing, sipping their glasses of champagne, and snacking on delicious snacks and desserts from the daunting food table, you begin thinking to yourself, “What was I thinking not eating before I came here? I am so hungry, but I can’t have people seeing me eat cookies and cream cheese with crackers. People are going to think I am fat, or judge how much I am eating. But I am so hungry….okay, maybe if I just eat some carrots and cucumbers no one will judge me…”

Does this scenario sound at all familiar? God created food for good. It was created for us to have life as well as for enjoyment. However, if you are living in fear of what others think about you, you are living in bondage to others opinions rather than God’s opinion about you! God want’s you to live in freedom and love and not in fear. 

If you are currently struggling with feeling negative emotions in relation to the food you eat, you could possibly be struggling with a disordered eating pattern. If instead of feeling guilty, ashamed, unhappy with your body, and afraid of being rejected and judged by others you want to feel:

  • Confident that the food choices you make are good for your body
  • Confident in your own body
  • Confident in your identity in Christ
  • and Confident that you are loved and accepted by God

I may be able to help get you there. Please sign up for a free discorvery call if you want to find out how to go from negative feelings about yourself and food to feeling confident in your body and in the food choices you make.

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