Has your heart been on a roller coaster of feeling frustrated, disappointed, discouraged, and overwhelmed when it comes to how you feel when you eat foods, try to stick to a diet, and lose the weight?

It can be so hard to not pursue these things, especially when you keep hearing its the “right” thing to do to be healthy and be able to do what God is calling you to do, right?

Here is my question for you…

Who or what are you allowing to hold your heart?

Other people and their opinions of you?

Yourself and what you are capable of doing?

The diets, workout programs, and world’s standard of the healthy and perfect body?

Giving your heart to these things is why you feel empty every time these things that you strive for and put your heart in let you down or fail.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” -Luke 12:34

Where you invest the majority of your time, money, resources, thoughts and attention is good evidence of where your heart is.

Is it in things that bring glory to God and most importantly will draw you closer to Him?

When you find yourself empty, frustrated, discouraged, and feeling lost, it is then that you need to evaluate where you are putting your heart.

The Holy Spirit is faithful to reveal where we are seeking empty idols and lead you to surrender them, and repent and turn your heart back to God and surrender it to Him.

God is your rock and strength of your heart and portion forever if you choose to allow Him to be (Ps 73:26). Only He can satisfy your longing soul and fill your soul with good things (Ps 107:9). He never changes and is always faithful to His promise.

The key is if you are allowing Him to take that role in your life.

There’s a better way to get healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually than diets, focusing on weight loss, and trying to use food for control or emotional purposes.

There is a way that keeps Christ as the focus and leads to the true fulfillment of that void you’ve been trying to fill with other things.

Christ Centered Intuitive Eating is the method that I use to help my clients get to the roots of their relationship with food and body. 

Putting God first is the key to true transformation of mind, soul and body. 

So here is what you can do today to help identify if you are giving your heart to your weight, food, or the way you look. 

Take some time to journal and press into the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to reveal to you where you are investing your time and efforts in things that are not in His will for you or that point back to Christ. 

From there, ask God to show you what changes need to be made to align your heart with His and to surrender your heart to Him. 

God want’s your heart and loves you with all of His. 


Brittany Wilson, RDN, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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